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Moody Couples In Home Lifestyle Photoshoot Grand Rapids, Michigan

couple in kitchen

The Gardener's home is the perfect place for them to make life long memories together including this photoshoot to celebrate 8 years together!

playing cards

couple playing cards

The couple welcomed me into their home for a casual, playful photoshoot that of course included their two French Bull Dogs. Their home is perfect for a playful game of cribbage, an intimate chat on the kitchen floor, or quality time with their Frenchies, Katie and Ryan designed their home to create a haven for their cozy family and their friends. Not featured was their in home gym hidden by a secret bookcase!

couple in kitchen

French bulldogs

Both in the real estate business, this couple spends their time traveling (peep their tan from their recent trip to Bali), enjoying social gatherings and a fun round of golf (themed couples scrambles are a must), but makes the most of their time together at home, curating a serene space for the close couple to connect.

couple on kitchen floor

girl with French bulldog

couple laughing on kitchen floor

Thank you to Ryan and Katie for inviting me into their home and letting me capture these moments in their lives - I have to admit, it takes a special couple to make cribbage look this good!

couple in kitchen

franchise following owners

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