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Retro Couples Session in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids couple drinking coffee

Who screams vintage-timeless more than this couple?! Katie and Taylor’s couple session is one of my favorite sessions to date! These photos represent six years of adventure together and downtown Grand Rapids was the perfect backdrop for the occasion. Even from spending this time with them, I can tell they are the perfect complement to each other.

couple walking in Grand Rapids

More things I adore about this couple: ● Katie is an expert thrifter and has her own Depop shop (her style is seriously unmatched, and Kosmetics by Katie’s makeup worked perfectly with Katie’s style!)

● They love to travel together (with the perk of Katie working for the local airline)

● Taylor designed Katie’s engagement ring!

girl looking at painting

couple sitting on steps

couple sitting on park bench

We grabbed some much needed - and incredibly aesthetic - caffeine from The Bradbury. In a perfect coincidence, the “B” (Bradbury) on the coffee also happens to be the beginning of their last name Brady.

Bradbury coffee

The three of us enjoyed the moody lighting, and quite literally danced down the Wealthy Street corridor in true middle-school fashion. These pictures were worth every curious stare! Both Katie and Taylor are beer lovers, and it was only fitting to make a stop at Brewery Vivant for a pint. We ended our adventure at a new place in town, Eastern Kille which completed the retro vibes Katie embodied.

couple looking at each other

motion blur couple running

couple having coffee

husband kissing wife's hand

couple walking in grand rapids park

couple sitting at ek wealthy bar

couple sitting on steps

couple ordering coffee

girl sitting with coffee

couple having coffee

couple walking

I absolutely loved getting to know the Brady's and love following their journeys on social media. I am so thankful this job allows me to meet so many kind people.


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