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Downtown Grand Rapids Romantic Engagement Photoshoot

Jose & Taylor's engagement session in downtown Grand Rapids is easily one of my favorite sessions to date and gives major Vogue energy.

Highlighting the uniqueness of each couple is a challenge I enjoy in every one of my sessions and it starts with the planning process.

Taylor had sent over a Tik Tok video of an engagement photoshoot she fell in love with and it was my job to find some locations in Grand Rapids that mimicked the grand, historical architecture in the viral Tik Tok video (which I am pretty sure was from another states capitol building). In between planning the perfect spots we coordinated their outfits. Taylor went as far as sewing her own puff sleeves the night before our photoshoot (which turned out AMAZING!)

Celebrating Jose and Taylor’s engagement, it all came together when we set out to create a romantic, timeless gallery, highlighting some of the city’s own architectural gold; the steps of the Basilica of Saint Adalbert, the Mckay ballroom elevator, the top of an Ellis parking garage overlooking the city and of course the iconic black doors on the Amway Building.

Having modeled together since they started dating, Jose and Taylor made my job even more fun by mixing between an editorial style and those gorgeously candid moments. The locations made it easy to mix in some film edits as well.

While they may be professionals, one thing is very clear: how much they enjoy being with the other. I am obsessed with the life these two have already built together. Jose is passionate about health and wellness, spending most of his time in the gym or playing sports when he’s not at home. Taylor takes “Dog mama” to an entire new level and is all about her dogs and

recently-born long haired German Shepherd puppies - the DREAM, am I right?

This engagement shoot embodies vintage romance, I can only imagine how their wedding day is going to feel in August at a Vineyard in Michigan!


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