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Classic Studio Maternity Session in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Nothing excites me more than a mom-to-be inquiring for a maternity photoshoot who is already brewing with ideas! Sarah reached out with a vision for what she wanted her maternity shoot to be, and I’m so grateful she trusted me to help her vision come to life.

Helping style outfits for your session is one of my favorite parts of being a maternity photographer! Styling plays such an integral part in the outcome of your photos and I know it can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a casual and timeless style for a maternity shoot, start with the basics! Think neutrals (whites, creams, tans, black) with classic textures like denim, khaki, or a chunky sweater. Keep accessories dainty and timeless. Wear your accessories with intention like Sarah did. Her necklace said her son's name, how cute?!

For Sarah and Michael, we went with neutral colors and soft textures. Sarah started in a white bralette and light-washed jeans, with Michael matching in a white t-shirt and jeans. For a cozier look, I transitioned her into a white chunky sweater. Then we transitioned to all black and did a few glam shots with Sarah in a black bodysuit (uhh gorgeous!).

For the last look Sarah totally trusted me with a fun set up... take a peek at the last part of this shoot with Sarah showing off some vintage sunglasses, reading the latest Vogue, and in true mama fashion: drinking milk in a wine glass.

They welcomed their healthy baby boy, Grayson, into the world on April 19th 2023 weighing 10 lbs 5 oz and I am so excited for them!


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